Coronel Enzo Coppa (Movie Review)

22 June 2021

Coronel Enzo Coppa is a literary character, which is made famous from the book, Coraline. Coraline has sold more than five million copies worldwide and it continues to be one of the greatest selling novels not just in the UK but also in the USA and other European countries. The book had been written by Neil Gaiman and has been made into an animated film in addition to a TV series. The movie version was directed by Henry Selick and featured both Neil Gaiman and Hugo Glazier Coronel Enzo Coppa.

Corin is a young boy who lives in a small village named Cley. One day, Corrin bumps into Vito, that happens to be the local manager, from the supermarket. Provided that they get to know each other and the both of them fall in love with each other. Things become more complex when they find out that Corin is the rightful heir to the family's wealth, the fortune that was passed between his parents, his brothers and sisters. But since his birth, he has always been destined to be a vader, so that he decides to find the job of the town guard, expecting to make enough money to start paying for his long run.

1 day while he is supposed to be performing a routine check on the guards, he receives a visit from his Auntilia. She tells him that Corrin is the rightful heir to the Enzo fortune and that she needs him to get it done as soon as possible. Corrin goes to his aunt's house but finds out that she's been murdered. Then he goes to the crime scene and witnesses the murder of his mother together with the whole town.

After the townspeople inform him about the murder, Corrin flees, not understanding that the offender is none apart from his own dad, Niles (Pedro Costa). As a result, Corrin starts to have doubts about his past and present situation, believing that his life might be in danger. He also realizes that Enzo the lion is responsible for the deaths of his parents, so he plots an elaborate strategy which involves his escape in the city, heading to the Antes de Volar.

The film starts with Corin as a small boy, just starting to learn to walk, speaking only Spanish. In the beginning he's shy and seems like an extremely awkward kid, but as the narrative continues, you can tell he has a fantastic intellect Enzo Coppa. As the story progresses, Corin's relationship with the natives becomes more powerful, until eventually he falls in love with Flora (Diana Varga), the gorgeous regional school teacher. As the story goes on, Corin is forced to fight against his destiny to be the lion, and protect everyone he meets, while also attempting to hold down a job and living a simple life.

This movie is a good illustration of how a family can make the most of a fantastic movie. Although it is not the Best movie of its time (it had been created thirty years ago! ) , it does have an interesting plot. It's one which showcases excellent acting, audio, and visual design. All of these things combined make for a fantastic film, which is something that I can enjoy in today's society!