Lawyer Ronen - A Unique Personality

22 June 2021

Lawyer Ronen Oren is an Israeli legal practitioner who practices solely in Israel. He began practicing law in 1977. Ronen is famous for litigation, especially criminal law, both military and civil law רונן אורן. Ronen has represented many prominent people, including heads of State and other notable political figures from the Hollywood film industry.

Oren was born to parents that were Jewish. He was raised in Haifa. He earned a degree in law at the University of Haifa. He did not pursue this level, but as he considered it too theoretical. Rather, he combined the practice of protecting clients that were accused of cooperating with the occupying forces in occupied territories (occupied lands include Africa and Afghanistan). He gained respect as one of the more successful defense lawyers in the city.

Ronen is extremely knowledgeable about legal cases. He spends much of his time in courtroom listening to testimony. He is also adept at cross-examinations and has a reputation for asking tough questions. During trial, Ronen questions prosecution witnesses to make sure they answer the question he's asked. He asks questions concerning rationale, credibility, possible extent, evidence, methodology, and ethics of the prosecution's case.

The majority of Ronen's instances deal with armed conflict and he generally works on cases involving extrajudicial executions. He sometimes defends alleged war criminals. He's handled cases involving offenses against humanity and sometimes even felonies. In order to become a successful lawyer, he must be able to demonstrate the ability to analyze complex cases and understand how to communicate effectively with prosecutors, judges and defense attorneys. Ronen also has to have the ability to demonstrate an excellent comprehension of the legal system, possess good communication skills, excellent listening skills and ability to construct rapport with all parties involved with a situation.

Ronen grew up in Israel and went to college in Tel Aviv עו"ד רונן אורן. After law school, he worked as a reporter and then defense lawyer. Then, he chose to become a lawyer and started practicing in Tel Aviv in 1984. Ronen is very good at raising defense attorneys' awareness of court processes. This helps them stay abreast of their customer's situation.

Ronen is famous for his profound knowledge of the Israeli legal system, for example how to build the cases that his clients desire. He is also famous for his ability to communicate efficiently and create arguments from several viewpoints. His laid back personality doesn't invite confrontations and he prefers to maintain cases informal. Ronen currently practices in Jerusalem, New York , Los Angeles and Tel Aviv.