National Legal Staffing Support LLC

28 July 2021

National Legal Staffing Support (formerly LLS) is an expert service company that offers services to paralegals, attorneys, or other legal professionals. National Legal Staffing Support LLC was established in 2021 and is now a nationwide service provider of legal support and assistance. The services offered by the firm include general legal research, document preparation, court reporters; and administrative assistance to attorneys. In addition, the company provides online booking systems, document delivery and transcription services to meet the legal research needs of legal professionals National Legal Staffing Support LLC. To remain competitive and expand the business is determined to continuously improve its customer service practices.

National Legal Staffing Support offers several options for its members. One of them is the PPP (Plan Partnership Purchase) which is a cost-effective payment program that enables members to purchase a percentage of the resources of the company. This option helps associates to purchase the services they need for document preparation and expert witness assistance research as well as accounting, billing and other administrative requirements. Associate can purchase a part of their annual PPP budget by using PPP. The amount that is made via the PPP loan is tax-deductible to the associate.

Another alternative that is offered by National Legal Staffing Support LLC is the prepaid legal staffing support plan, which is also referred to as the PPSP. The prepaid plan permits employees to pay the services and bills over time. This reduces their overall debt burden. The PPSP has an interest rate lower than the majority of national banks. Associate members can expect to finish the PPSP within five years, when they pay their bills in time. The company offers financial management classes to its members, which includes budgeting and financial plans.

The National Legal Staffing Support LLC offers two different types of loans to its associates. The National Legal Staffing Loan is the first loan. It provides cash loans to associates who have no collateral or are unemployed. The amount of the loan is determined on the income of the individual. The second loan type available through National Legal Staffing Support LLC is the National Settlement Loan.

With the National Settlement Loan, National Legal Staffing Support LLC does not require its employees to make monthly payments. Instead, the company sends checks at specific intervals to its associates. The checks are returned once the time limit has expired. The National Legal Staffing Support LLC reserves the right to issue checks every three months or on an as-needed basis in accordance with the rules that govern the loans National Legal Staff Support.

National Legal Staffing Support LLC is a non-profit entity which provides legal support to many corporations and industries and is referred to as a non-profit. It is specifically designed for legal professionals and associates with none experience in legal staffing or sales. Its services are designed to provide associates with the ability to work under the supervision of legal professionals and get paid for their work. For more information, go to the National Legal Staffing Support LLC website.